Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Howdy! My name is Jim, and I absolutely love what I get to be a part of here at Salem Scuba!

I’m an ADDICT of SCUBA. I took my first breath underwater on the recommendation of a friend, and knew right away this was something I’d keep doing long term. I firmly believe that anything you love you share, you can’t help but talk about and tell others- so naturally I found myself helping new divers, showing them the ropes. That remains my passion today, now something over 10 years later, I find my greatest joy in leading new divers. Helping someone to see the 70% of the world they’ve been missing, or making them feel comfortable underwater for the first time, truly gets me fired up! I think that we’ve got a sport that is both demanding and fun, and I want to make sure that each person I lead becomes a SAFE and FUN diver- and if they’re not totally feeling both of those, I want to help them get there.

My day job is as an IT Director / Systems Admin, so I also do the tech work for the shop, security systems, POS systems, this website- I like to think of myself as part of the Salem Scuba family, and really believe in what this shop does, so I help in whatever way I can.

So take a class, or just come diving with us, and I’d love to show you the rest of the planet!

Open Water Scuba Instructor
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Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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