Dave O’Neill

Dave O’Neill

Hello Divers and Prospective Divers, I’m Dave O’Neill. I married to a wonderful woman named Natalie and together we have brought 3 wonderful children into this world. The only thing more important than my family is my relationship with my God and Savior. On the other side of my family is…you guessed it, Scuba Diving and teaching people to Scuba dive.

My first experiences with Scuba diving was in High School, way back in the late 70’s … ouch. Many years went by before I had a chance to bring my excitement of diving back into the forefront of my memory. Then in 2001 I had an opportunity to join a Discover Scuba event in the Caiman Islands, this dose of diving started pushing me to want more. Then in 2003, while on Maui, I joined another Discover Scuba event on the island of Lanai…that was the hook that started me down the path I’m currently traveling. In 2005 I got my Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications, in 2006 I became a Rescue Diver, the I went professional in 2009 earning my Dive Master rating. In 2011 I finally became an Open Water Scuba instructor and moved up to Master Scuba Diver Trainer in 2013. I am currently working on my Staff Instructor rating which will allow me to train people up to Assistant Instructor.

My diving journey has taken me to Grand Caiman, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and many places in the Pacific Northwest.

As a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, I can move you to the pinnacle of the PADI recreational diving certification…Master Scuba Diver. To climb this path together we can explore the following diving and dive related experiences:

Altitude Diving, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Boat Diving, “CPR, Secondary Care, & AED Usage”, Deep Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Dry Suit Diving, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Enriched Air Diving, Night Diving, Underwater Navigation, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware Diving

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
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