Classes, Pool Times, O/W Weekends

Classes, Pool Times, O/W Weekends

Shop Class Schedule for 2020!

All Shop Classes are at Salem Scuba, 1170 Vista Ave SE Salem, Or. 97302 and will start at 6:00 PM. Please try to be a little early. Especially if your trying to get fitted for your Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Fins!!!

All Pool Sessions are the Second and Third Saturdays of each month at the Stayton Pool, 410 W Virginia St Stayton, Or. 97383 and will run from at 7:00 AM – Noon. Please arrive 15 minutes early to help carry the necessary gear in and to be ready to go at 7:00.

Open Water Weekends are from 11:30ish Fridays through 2:00ish Sundays at locations that vary based on the instructor the shop (503) 588-DIVE (3483), or your Class Instructor if you can’t be there on time and ready to go. We will work with you if you can let us know in advance.

Monthly Shop Classes, Pool Sessions and Open Water Weekend Dates are as follows…..

Class Nights @ the shop6, 9, 14, 163,6,10,1310,12,17,197,9,14,165,7,12,149,11,16,187,9,14,164,6,11,138,10,15,176,8,13,153,5,10,121Classes start @ 6PM and go to 9PMish
Pool Sessions @ Stayton Pool11, 188,1514, 2111,189,1613,2011,188,1512,1910,177,14Dec 5-6
Open Water Weekend!Jan 24-26Feb 21-23Mar 27-29Apr 24-26May 29-31Jun 26-28jul 31-2Aug 21-23Sept 25-27Oct 23-25nov 20-22Dec 11-13
Linfield Open Water WeekendsJan 24-26May 1-3Dec 4-6ADV linn