Salem Scuba, PADI Rescue Diver Class

Salem Scuba, PADI Rescue Diver Class

How to Become a Rescue Diver:

Learn how to think like a Rescue Diver through home study and skill practice with an Instructor. All PADI courses are flexible and performance-based. You’ll practice basic rescue skills and then show you can effectively apply them in open water.

The PADI Rescue Diver course will change the way you dive – in the best possible way. Learn to identify and fix minor issues before they become big problems, gain a lot of confidence and have serious fun along the way.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Be a better dive buddy
  • Improve your navigation skills
  • Enroll in a Divemaster course

Learn How to:

  • Help other divers
  • Fix minor gear issues
  • Use an emergency oxygen kit
Instructor: TBA
Class Cost: $550
  • PADI eLearning
  • PADI Accident Management Slate
  • Rescue Breath Mask
  • Rental Gear
  • EFR / First Aid / CPR Class
  • Emergency Oxygen Class

Please contact the shop, 503-588-3483, or email me, if you’d like to participate in this Rescue Diver class.