Detroit Dive Day
  • NF-2223, Detroit, OR 97342

  • French Creek, Detroit

Detroit Dive Day


Sadly, because of the reacreational advisory that got re-activated this morning, tomorrow’s detroit dive day has been cancelled. Join us for the next dive though!

It’s summer, and time for some relaxed local diving!

View from the water of the campout a few years ago

We’re headed to french creek- a small tributary of the detroit lake- generally pretty clear water and warmer temperatures (because it’s so shallow). It’s only 15 feet deep or so, till you go over the wall, then it’s down to 25ish.

What’s the wall, you ask? After swimming around in the shallow, we drop over a wall, and we go underwater rock climbing! It’s super fun, and a nice easy easy dive.

We’re going to bring a BBQ down, and take a rotation of diving, and eating. This is an easy, entry level dive, and anyone is welcome. If you’d like to bring food to cook on the BBQ, you’re welcome to bring anything you would like to eat, and maybe a little more to share with some new dive buddies too!

Any questions, Jim is leading this dive, so just give a shout to him.