Keeping up with Salem Scuba! (Page 2)

Keeping up with Salem Scuba! (Page 2)


We’ve been big fans of the super cool accessory item- SlipINs now for a bit, and we carry or can order all cuts and styles! Check them out at and drop by the shop to check out cool styles and colors!  

January 2022 Shop Email

(INTRODUCING…OUR NEW LOGO!) WELCOME TO 2022! For many, 2021 was a tough year. And we wish you only the best in 2022. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who supported the shop on our trips, as well as in the store. We look forward to the new year and are excited about the new products & trips we are introducing. Check out 3 really cool new items…

St. Lucia Trip Deposits & More

HELLO FUTURE ST. LUCIA DIVERS, SNORKELERS and/or BEACH BUMS! As many of you have asked me, yes it’s Dec. 1 and yes, deposits are now due if you want in on this amazing resort / adventure! Please mail in or drop by Salem Scuba, a check for 500.00 per person. Make check out and mail to: Salem Scuba D.E.A., Inc. 1170 Vista Ave. SE Salem, Or 97302 You can use a credit…