WANTED: Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker photos!
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WANTED: Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker photos!

Hello PNW divers!  If you are looking for an interesting new species of fish that you probably don’t see much, come join us at Redondo Beach on July 30th at 11:00 am.  There is a fee for parking across the street from the dock where we will enter the water.  There are also restrooms and a cold rinse shower available. We’ll be doing a shallow dive looking for the elusive Pacific spiny lumpsuckers.  This is a shallow, searching dive thru eel grass primarily. If you are interested in Underwater Photography, we will also be offering the specialty.  Contact Johanas Kile 503-551-9448 for more information.  After the dive, we will have some time to chat and visit so bring a goodie to share while we take our surface interval. We would love to see you for this dive!

 Some information on the Pacific spiny lumpsucker from the web. Pacific spiny lumpsuckers are a globular-shaped fish that typically measures 1 to 3 inches in length, though the most common size is 1 inch. Pacific spiny lumpsuckers are found from northern Washington state, especially Puget Sound, to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. This species inhabits a wide variety of habitats, including eelgrass beds, rocky reefs, kelp patches, and other algae growth. The species is known to spawn in shallow, warmer waters between the months of July and October. The females lay large, spherical, orange-colored eggs on rocks, in sheltered holes.  Females typically lay around 200 eggs at a time in the nest and the male fertilizes them. After the eggs are laid, the male attaches himself to a nearby surface where he cares for the eggs by defending them from predators and circulating water over them with his fin.